Friday, October 03, 2008

Rock The Vote

On October 14th, Canadian readers have the opportunity, if not an obligation, to vote in our Federal election. If you're eligible, vote. Plain and simple. Not voting is both a disservice to you, but also to your country (as cliched as that sounds).

I, myself am voting later today in the advance vote due to the fact that I will be travelling on election day.

The core of this blog "rant" is that there is an increasing amount of apathy among first time or young voters. In short, educate yourself on the issues and ask questions. If I hear one more person say to me "Voting doesn't accomplish anything" or "I don't know anything about the election, therefore there's no reason to vote", I am going to fucking hurt someone. If you choose not to vote, please spare me the bitching and moaning about high tuition, your environmental issue du jour, the Olympics and the price of gas (to name but a few).

I myself am torn as to who to vote for. You might think that not voting is your big fucking political statement. To you I say...grow the fuck up! There are choices you can make at the polls that will reflect your distaste for the political landscape. Those choices will make a difference.

Not voting is suffocating your own voice. P. Diddy had it right when he said "Vote or die". So get out an vote.