Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My turn!

Okay, hello my pretties! ...so, as Matt so kindly alluded to, I have been moving lately. Downsizing a little as well; I left with my record collection, guitars, laptop, and alcohol collection. I've been collecting bits of furniture, but nothing significant aside from a mattress and a blanket. I'm going for a very minimalist zen thing these days -- although I certainly make up for it with my diva selection of hair products! Was it not Al Pacino playing Satan in The Devil's Advocate who said, "Vanity: my favourite sin!"... regardless, I spent the long weekend doing a lot of writing! (this in response to Matt's previous post -- wait till we start going Gallagher bros.) -- some song titles in progress so far are:

We Are Not What They Are Wanting to Hear
Go to Sleep

Yes, "Madonna" is an old, old Paint song for the faithful among you, but it's been completely re-written into a much more refined song -- kudos to Matt and Paula for their new energy and musical insight into all things Paint!

...more are being written still, and to reiterate what Matt wrote, they will all be debuted at the September 19th gig -- and don't forget about the radio spots earlier that week, where you can also get previews of the new tunes on radio or "internet podcast land" as Ben Lai at CiTR would say.